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'Handmade with Love'? A little insight into our made to order process...

With so many colour, detail and accessory options available on our bamboo duck range, we often get asked about what happens in the time between one of our lovely customers placing an order, and that order being ready to despatch a few days later. At Millie Moo we absolutely adore that whole process, so this is a snippet of how we do it.

Most (if not every) order is different. One customer will want a pastel green booted duck to match their new conservatory set, another will want a ballerina duck with matching black tutu and glitter boots for their contemporary kitchen, another a cute decoupaged duck with bees for the garden table when entertaining guests on a sunny day. So organisation or orders is what we try (operative word...) to implement from the off.

As an order comes in to Millie Moo HQ the choice of duck is picked and the specific details are taped to it's chest (The easiest way would be to print the details directly from the order email but being sustainably minded here at Millie Moo we try our best to minimise paper use)

Our little duck friends then get lined up on the order shelf, known here as the 'green room' where they hang out waiting for their time to shine.

This is where the meticulous attention to detail begins and what sets Millie Moo apart. Even the most seemingly ordinary order gets the same level of attention as the most elaborate.

We don't buy our booted ducks ready painted and never will! Each and every order is personally painted by us in our workshop. The preparation is painstaking and the results speak for themselves. Applied individually by hand, a 1mm discrepancy and the masking of the boots for painting would fail our sharp eyed quality control (every order is inspected before, during and after painting). This same level of attention is given to every single one of our products and simply won't leave the workshop if we are not 100% happy. After painting they are left to dry and the masking removed before being inspected again.

See! The result is why we put the effort in. We ask ourselves if we would we be happy to receive it? If the answer is no, it has failed the test and we start again.

Well, this is the first post of many about how myself Ria, and my husband Dene (Team Millie Moo) do things slightly differently to produce amongst our other products, simply the UK's finest bamboo wooden duck range. Check out our Ballerina duck process in our next post...

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