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Ducks, ballerinas, glitter & tutus - all things simply fabulous! (A peek in the workshop)

We adore these little beauties as do our customers, but as mentioned on our previous post we are constantly being asked how they are made, do we simply 'assemble' them from 'purchased in' accessories, do we have an army of little elves that produce these for us, and even (How dare they!) where we get them from....So we thought we'd give a little behind-the-scenes insight into what goes into each and every Ballerina Duck order that come in to Millie Moo. We are very proud to answer back to the above with the simple response 'Us!'.

We are perfectionists here, and we very soon noticed that by simply buying in 'finished items' we immediately lost that sense of individuality, uniqueness and attention to detail. So we didn't

The journey starts with the sustainably sourced raw bamboo ducks, which we purchase direct from source to ensure fair trade returns to the communities that rely on the eco friendly harvest of bamboo root for their livelihoods. Our next post will elaborate more on the story behind the bamboo, where we source it, and the reasons it is so sustainable and better for the environment than traditional forestry practices, so watch this space. #Sustainable #fairtrade #ethicalsourcing #thinkoftheenvironment #bambooroot #Milliemoodesigns #behindthescenes #workshop #sneakpeek

These little beauties then begin the journey through the workshop to decorate, dress and accessorize them into the finished product.

As with the painted boots we showcased in the last blog post, with the numerous combinations of customised finish Millie Moo offer, nearly every order is different so there needs to be a method to the madness to some extent...

We could buy in Tutu's to fit our ducks.

We could outsource the production. We could have a 'one size fits all' approach.

But we don't. Every single order for every duck is made by hand from scratch for that order. It simply means that you, the customer, get precisely what you what you ordered. We use a fine tulle fabric and elastic and hand tie to fit each duck.

It also has the added benefit of minimising waste,

as we only use what we need.

Once the Tutu is created, we move on to the choice of body colour for the duck. We have a number of options, bare, white or grey. Each duck is masked off by hand and we then use a water based vintage effect Matt spray paint that we find gives the most uniform finish with no bleed and crisp lines, strong and durable finish and really sets off the glitter boots and tutu. The boots are then individually finished and glittered by hand, the whole thing is then left to dry, the cute little ribbon tied around the neck, and voila! One completed Ballerina Duck ready to explore it's new home #Homedecor #ballerinaduck #homeaccessories #glitterboots #homeandliving #sustainablecraft #handmadeintheUK

From the finishes we apply to materials and packaging, here at Millie Moo we care strongly about the environment. We make every effort to consciously and actively be as sustainable as we possibly can and will always strive to develop this further at any opportunity.

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